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Cable Hoists


1 SI75

1 AFM60

1 AFM75


Tarping System





The Stellar Cable Hoists

Model Capacity
SI60 Up to 60,000 lbs. (27,216 kg)
SI75 Up to 75,000 lbs. (34,019 kg)
AFM60 Up to 60,000 lbs. (27,216 kg)
AFM75 Up to 75,000 lbs. (34,019 kg)
Cable75 Up to 75,000 lbs. (34,019 kg)

The New Cable75 is a 75,000-pound capacity Cable Hoist. This is an improved re-design of the SI60 model. Through innovative design, Stellar has decreased the shipping weight, which increases payload up to 1,700 additional pounds. Other features include; a 47-degree dump angle, fewer cylinders and seal kits to maintain, improved cable routing, use of stainless steel pins, grease zerks and bushings, and the use of wear strips. All of these features are offered at a competitive price.







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