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Stellar Introduces New Flip Sheave with Bar Style Activation

Stellar Industries has introduced a newly designed flip sheave for its heavy-duty mechanics crane line. It features a bar style anti two-block activation system, which maintains its load block activation orientation whether in standard or tight confine mode of operation.

By pulling the flip sheave pin, operators can easily go from the standard load control horse head design that facilitates a higher loading angle, to a horse head configuration that can easily maneuver within tight or limited spaces. The new design also maintains a quick and easy transformation from a two-part line to a single-part line.


The standard two-part line position allows for better cable location when making lifts at a high boom angle, such as loading into the truck bed. It keeps the wire rope further from the boom and prevents rubbing. The new Flip Sheave low profile position, designed for the single- part line configuration, is beneficial when lifting something in a tight location, such as inside a cab or under a hood. The low profile configuration creates more room to lift the load and position loads in limited height areas.

"When customers need to reach inside the cab of a piece of equipment or other restricted areas, they need a low profile horse head for maximum lifting height," says Tim Davison, Product Manager for Bodies and Cranes at Stellar Industries, "and the new Stellar® Flip Sheave will provide such access in a quick and efficient manner."

Davison continues, "We're known as a company who not only listens to its customer's requests but successfully and creatively meets their needs while leading the industry in innovative and useful features." He concludes, "That is what has driven this new flip sheave design and what will continue to propel Stellar into the future."

The new Stellar flip sheave design will roll out as a standard feature on all models of cranes from the model 7621 cranes up through the model 14528 cranes.




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